Dmytro Zanko / Founder and designer DIZA

Dan Vakhrameyev / Designer

Founder and creative director +kouple

Dmytro Kozinenko / Designer

Was born in Ukraine in 1985. He took degree “graphic artist” at Ukrainian Academy of Printing and has been working in field of product design for about 10 years. In addition to mass-production furniture design, it is very important for the designer to create different furniture concepts at the intersection of design and art, which doesn`t suggest mass-production, but allows to practice a lot in “design thinking”

Dmytro cooperates both with Ukrainian companies, such as WOO, and with European well-known furniture brands, including Roche Bobois, Durame, Breitenthaler and many others.

He has a plenty awards in field of product design and international design-contests and many-times participant of the main furniture exhibition in the world in Milan.

Designer works:

Katerina Sokolova / Designer

Ukrainian industrial designer Kateryna Sokolova was born in 1984. She is co-founder and creative director of the brand NOOM and SOKOLOVA design studio.

Design team working in a wide range of disciplines: furniture, lighting, hardware, electronics.

Kateryna graduated from the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts. And held an internship at German Design University “Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle” She is a master of Industrial Design.

Participant and winner of a lot of European design and competitions. The most important of them Red Dot Design Award 2015.

From 2011 till 2017 collaborated with French company Jarre Technologies, related to develop and design video and musical high-tech product around the name and the experience of famous French musician Jean Michel Jarre.

Today, Kateryna is an internationally established designer based in Kyiv.

Collaborate with European and Asian companies. Among clients: Ligne Roset, Forestier, Bolia, Casala, Roche Bobois, Driade etc.

Designer works:

Ira Lisyuk / Designer

Interior designer from Lutsk, graduated from the Ukrainian Academy of Design and Lviv Polytechnic, has been creating public and private interior projects for 15 years.

Recently started working with object design.

Denis Sokolov / SVOYA studio

An integrated approach reflects the philosophy of the value of each element created by us, filling it with meaning, the values of human relationships of talented people who surround us and the values of trust, which stimulates continuous development. The extensive experience of full project support has allowed us to assemble and unite a reliable team of the best diverse specialists, thanks to whom new projects are being implemented. «SVOYA studio» was founded in 2008 by 6 designers: Denis Sokolov, Valeria Sokolova, Artem Martynenko, Yuliya Martynenko, Anton Sokolov and Tatyana Lazovaya. Denis Sokolov studied at the Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Dnipro,Ukraine 2009. He holds a master’s degree in urban planning and architecture.

During Last 10 years our studio have got many prestigious awards in design sphere such as:
  • Red Dot award 2016. Best of the best
  • Elle Decoration. International design award 2018
  • SBID international design award Finalist 2018
  • Red Dot Design ranking 2018. One of the top design studio 2018 – ART SPACE interior award 2021
  • YELLOW 2020-2021
  • Roche Bobois Design award 2019
  • Interiorgoda 2021
  • Interiorgoda 2019
  • Interiorgoda 2016
  • Interium award 2016

    Also, studio participated In important events for developing design sphere, such as:
  • Paris Design Week 2017
  • Dutch design week Eindhoven 2017
  • Milano design week 2019
  • Barcelona Design Week 2022 -M&O 2023
Designer works:

Pavel Vetrov / Designer

Pavel Vetrov was born in 1987 in Ukraine. He is a graduate designer specialized in furniture and interior design with almost a decade of professional experience, including commissioned projects from famous brands such as Bolia, Missana, Temahome, Hyundai and other. Among the 70 plus awards in design he has amassed throughout his career is the Red Dot Award, German Design Award, Good Design Award. His works has been shown, mentioned and analyzed in the most important magazines around the world, including Forbes, Elle, Vogue, Le Figaro, among others, and he is an assiduous participant of all European design shows, namely Imm Cologne, Salone del Mobile Milano, London Design Fair, Paris Design Week and Maison & Objet.
Designer works:

Vladislav Tolochko / Designer

Ukrainian architect & designer Creativity for me is more than just a job, it’s a way of life through which I express my emotions, thoughts, and experiences. When creating each object, I live a full life with it, completely devoting myself to the creation, search for forms, lines, and proportions. The goal I pursue is to change the view of the things that surround us. I believe that what surrounds us is what we are ourselves.

My desire to design a basic chair with unique lines pushed me to create a chair named BRO. My main goal was to connect the robust base of the chair with an elegant seat and backrest. The simple wooden frame looks great with thin plywood which gently smoothes out edges and creates a unique piece of furniture. Everybody can find small references from Japanese, Scandinavian, and colorful Ukrainian stylistics in BRO chairs. We believe BRO chairs will be a “must have” item in your house because BRO always has to be near you!
Designer works:

Sergiy Levantin / Designer

1. Greeting + introduce yourself. My name is Sergey Lvov, I am a designer and founder of the Levantin design studio. Since 2012, we have been developing interior items for Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers. 2022 has brought huge challenges for the entire furniture industry, also becoming a time of collaborations and active collaboration between creative teams.

2. How did you get the idea to create this product? The main idea is to create a modern exemplary local product. It was a response to the growing demand for Ukrainian furniture for premium spaces. The Morsetto collection is characterized by functional design that serves the human being: pure, practical materials, elegant workmanship and friendly form.

3. What inspired you when creating the product? One of the inspirations is a vintage solid wood vise that we saw in a carpentry shop in northern Italy. This handicraft tool, with the same name Morsetto, was embodied in the form of rounded wooden legs.

4. What are the advantages of the product? Morsetto is an extensive collection of chairs, armchairs, sofas, beds and tables. It allows you to create a harmonious system of furnishing hotels and residential complexes with a single identity. Starting with chairs and tables, this year we hope to realize other elements of the collection.

5. How do you feel about the product? What emotions does it evoke in you? This collection has become special for us emotionally. Working on it served as a breath of fresh air, allowing me to concentrate on anticipating the expectations of future clients, and dreams of their happy life. A pleasant reference to Italian traditional crafts is a teleport to bright carefree reality, and an emotional provenance for the Morsetto collection, which you can tell your guests about.


Yevhenii Litvinenko / Designer

I found him!  A bestseller in which you will get really relaxed !  A long search between convenience , functionality and aesthetic!  Sorting through different models and looking at the history of chair production in museums, I spent a long time deciding what this particular chair would be like: comfortable, compact and unrealistically cozy . So it would be comfortable for your hands and your  knees would not get numb , you would not hit hard parts with your toes, seams would not disturb , armrests would not hurt elbows and the seat would be comfortable… Having sat in thousands of chairs at exhibitions, I can say with confidence that this is what is needed!  Just take it and enjoy!

Designer works:

Powerful Ukrainian production of modern furniture.

Diza products are created by designers who are known both in Ukraine and Worldwide.

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